WIN – Women In the NAACP

Women in the NAACP (WIN) seeks to enhance the leadership role of women, serve as an advocacy vehicle for issues affecting women and children, and advocate for the positive development of children.

The purpose of W.I.N. is to:

  • Enhance the leadership role of women,
  • Serve as an advocacy vehicle for issues affecting women and children.
  • To advocate for the positive development of children
  • Support the on-going work of the NAACP and its units, especially civil and cultural activities to enhance membership.

The Norwich branch’s WIN Committee sponsors an annual Trailblazers’ Tea to celebrate the potential and the accomplishments of women throughout history. We include speakers from the local and regional area who share their experience, drive and wisdom with the members of the committee, members and friends of the WIN Committee.

One of our finest achievements has been the formation and operation of the WINners Academy. Founded in 2012, WINners’ Academy is not a school, but a program for young women. Our goal is to provide a foundation for all girls to be inspired, informed and prepared for today, tomorrow and the future.

Our next event is the WINners’ Academy Parents & Caregivers Meeting, which will be held on Saturday, January 18, 2014 at 10 am. The meeting is designed to give parents and caregivers a chance to learn more about the WINners’ Academy program and how it can positively impact the young ladies who attend. We also welcome young ladies aged 10 – 18 to join us and learn more about our exciting program.

Past sessions of the WINners’ Academy have included information on:

  • Personal Financial Education
  • History of the NAACP
  • Significant Women in History
  • Nutrition