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  • 2018 100 Most Influential Black in Connecticut – September 22, 2018

  • “Fifty for Life” Membership Drive

    Membership is the life blood of any community organization, and particularly for the NAACP.

    The NAACP would not exist without the passion, drive and strength of it’s members – and every local branch has the responsibility of maintaining and increasing membership to keep the organization strong.

    To charter / start a Branch, 50 regular Adult members must be signed up and pay their dues.

    As members increase their time with the organization, the strongest take another step up and commit to being Life Members.


    In order to ensure that our local branch in Norwich NEVER has to worry about losing their charter, we have begun a ‘Fifty for Life’ membership drive: the goal is to add 50 life members (Silver, Gold or Diamond) to our ranks.

    Over the past almost 55 years , Norwich Branch NAACP members have combined their efforts with the State Conference and National organization, and we’ve all fought together and won many of the freedoms and equalities that we had long been denied.

    But the times ahead are just as critical – if not MORE critical – as the decades past. By renewing / upgrading your membership with one of our Life Member options, you can become one of the most important members of the NAACP family. We need your renewal membership to continue fighting against the racial disparities that are still so prevalent in American education, jobs, housing, health care and criminal justice systems.


    Renew or upgrade your membership to a Silver, Gold*, or Diamond** Life NAACP membership today!

    Silver Life Membership $750 – Payable in annual installments of $75.00 or more. (Add 2.25 if using PayPal)

    Gold Life Membership $1,500 Payable in installments of $150 or more. (Only available to Silver or Regular Life Members)

    Diamond Life Membership $2,500 Payable in installments of $250 or more.

    Download / print membership forms here:

    Adult Membership Form (PDF)

    Adult Donation Form (PDF)



    Prefer to pay online via PayPal? This allows you to use either a PayPal account or a credit / debit card to process your membership or a donation to the branch. Please note there will be an additional charge of $1.20 to cover PayPal transaction processing for Adult Annual memberships, and $2.25 for Silver Life memberships (per installment).

    Use the option below to start a NEW Adult Silver Life Membership (10 annual installments of $75.00 each year)

  • Join the Norwich NAACP for “Movies & Membership”


    Join us on April 15, 2018 at 2 pm


    “Movies & Membership”


    Celebrating the

    African-American Experience

    with the

    Norwich Arts Center’s 
    “New Visions & Voices: Celebrating the African-American Experience”


    Norwich Community Cinema


    Documentaries and films designed to educate, empower and entertain the Southeastern Connecticut community.

    Our next film & discussion is


    A biographical legal drama focusing on one of the first cases of Thurgood Marshall’s legal career, including his work with the NAACP.
    Thurgood Marshall went on to become the first African-American Supreme Court Justice.
















    Join us immediately after the film for a talkback and discussion
    with our experts

    Assistant State’s Attorney
    Mr. Lonnie Braxton


    Superior Court Judge
    John M. Newson

    The recommended audience for this documentary is 16 years of age (with parental supervision) or older.

    Our series will be shown at the Norwich Arts Center’s Donald L. Oat Theatre, 60 Broadway, Norwich, Connecticut.

    Admission is by Donation, and please note the recommended audience for each film.

    Entry is available from the first floor on Broadway, with parking available on Broadway and across the street from Norwich City Hall.


  • 2018 Juneteenth Celebration – Event Details Linked Below!

    To get all the latest information, vendor and entertainment listings regarding our 2018 Juneteenth Celebration, being held on Saturday, June 16th from 12 noon until 6 pm, including vendor forms and details, check out our Juneteenth website at

    Download (PDF, 63KB)