NAACP Education Goal

The overall goal of the NAACP National Education Department is to ensure that all students have access to an equal and high-quality public education by eliminating all education related racial and ethnic disparities. Through advocacy training, policy development and guidance, building collaborative networks, and direct action, the National Education Department works to accomplish this goal with assistance from NAACP regional directors, state and local education committee chairs, and our Partners in Education.

Key Educational Disparities

Ensuring School Resource Equity: Quality public education for African American and Latino students is persistently threatened as a direct result of inequitable school funding. Generally, wealthy school districts have higher per pupil expenditures than high poverty districts. The NAACP is committed to working with local education agencies to reduce resource disparities by 50%.

Increasing Teacher Quality: Schools with heavy concentrations of minority students have an average of 78% of math teachers teaching outside of their subject area. The NAACP is committed not only to ensuring that minority children are taught by qualified teachers, but we are also committed to ensuring that teachers receive the supports necessary to do their jobs effectively.

Promoting Parent and Family Engagement: Research has established that sustained parental involvement is critical to the educational success of children. Unfortunately, black families are less likely to manage the amount of time their children spend reading, doing homework or watching TV. The NAACP is committed to helping parents become more directly engaged in their education of the children.

Enhancing Early Childhood and Literacy Initiatives: Early childhood education has been shown to be an important predictor of future academic and emotional success for children. Still, far too many minority children start kindergarten performing far below their potential as a result of their inability to access quality early childhood education programs. The NAACP is committed to enhancing early learning opportunities for all students.