General Information – The Pardon Process

The State of Connecticut Board of Pardons and Paroles has provided a brochure full of information on their process, which we’ll summarize below, and provide a link to an electronic copy:

The Board of Pardons and Paroles (BOPP) has the power to grant:

  • Absolute Pardons – also known as a full pardonthis action results in the erasure of your adult Connecticut criminal record. When you complete the application, you must include your entire criminal history.
    • When can you apply? You may apply three (3) years after the date of disposition of your most recent Misdemeanor, and five (5) years after the date of disposition of your most recent Felony conviction. You cannot be on parole or probation.
    • How do you apply? Applications and instructions are linked below, or you can call the BOPP at (203) 805-6643, visit the agency’s website at, or register to attend one of our upcoming information sessions by clicking HERE.
    • What happens once you apply? After receiving your application, a member of the BOPP staff will review your application to see if you can be scheduled for an Expedited Review without a hearing or if you must be scheduled for a standard pre-screening interview.
      • An Expedited Review is possible if you were convicted of non-violent offenses where there is no victim interest.
        • If you qualify for an Expedited Review, you may be granted an Absolute Pardon without being required to be present. At the review, you can be granted the pardon or have your application continued to a full panel hearing.
      • At a Standard Pre-Screen, the Board will review your application to determine whether you should proceed to a full hearing and appear before the BOPP. This procedure usually takes 2 – 3 months, but processing time varies depending on the volume of applications recieved.

Connecticut Absolute Pardon Application Form (2017) – pdf (opens in new window)